I'm Coach Nora

I live in beautiful Colorado. I love the outdoors and great adventures! I have degrees and credentials in nutrition and coaching, but knowing isn't enough. Read on to learn a little more about me and what inspires me to take action to take care of myself and my health.

Overseas Travel

Whether it's hanging out by the Seine in Paris or checking out a jazz club in Madrid, I feel most alive when I'm traveling. I love getting to know a city: those unplanned moments when you make a discovery or laugh with a stranger ARE magical. In the past few years, I've found that overseas travel can be a bit unforgiving UNLESS I tune-up my health and fitness first.


My husband and I have lived in Denver for over 25 years. My mom just moved here to be with us. If you're like me, feeling your best so you can BE your best with family and friends is SO important. And ladies - sometimes we need a gentle push to take care of OURSELVES so that we can BE that best, energized self THEY depend on!


Have you noticed how your memory and decision-making falter after a night of poor sleep? What used to work for us - eating a pizza late at night, staying up till all hours, parking ourselves on the sofa for the weekend - just DOESN'T, anymore. Isn't it ironic that all that stuff we resented doing for our bodies is EXACTLY the stuff our BRAINS need us to do now?

How I Keep Sharp

I do 5 minutes or more a day on a language app to feed my brain. The novelty of learning new things (travel, science, psychology, history) helps too. And because of what I know in my work, I eat foods that nourish a healthy gut, get on the exercise bike every day, and set an early bed time - all for the love of my brain!

Someone recently turned me on to a website called Brainpickings which I really enjoy. What's your go-to to keep your brain active and amused?


Preferably with camping and hiking! When we let our health slide, COMFORT takes over. That's why I do my best to protect my precious health - so I can keep sleeping on the ground in my tent, road-trip to see the fall colors or catch the peach harvest in Palisade, Colorado, and enjoy (rather than dread) crossing streams on a log while balancing like a pro!

My Coaching Clients

Nothing beats a meeting of the minds for making those new brain connections that create the aha! moments I love to be a part of. Those moments when everything changes for a client. When they experience that deep KNOWING in mind and body that opens possibility and makes a return to the old ways and the old thinking impossible.

A Guide & Companion

The most powerful way I know to BE in coaching is to be right there with you, discovering AND experimenting with new strategies and actions for living vibrant, meaningful, and healthy days. As much as I hope to inspire you, I am inspired by you, and thank you.

Looking for a guide and companion to make some healthy changes?


I can help.



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