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My Mission is to be your champion as you Nourish, Respect, and Protect your body.

Have you noticed how the ways you used to eat, sleep, and move no longer feel good?  It's time to find those new daily routines that bring aliveness and connect you with your spark, your joy, and your best health.

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The 6 Week Healthy Habits Makeover

Welcome Home.

I'm here to help you make the look and feel of your daily routines and habits match your unique lifestyle, riff off of your one-of-a-kind personality, and open the door to the future possibilities for health and vitality you long for but perhaps don't quite believe are possible.

Imagine the power of a 6 week private coaching incubator focused on you and what you imagine for yourself : calm, confidence, flow, energy as foundations for the healthy habits you want going forward. Whether you're looking to create habits and routines to eat healthier, de-stress, move more, befriend your body, feel happier & more alive - or something else that is uniquely you - you're in the right place. 

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🌱  Enough Already With Putting Off and Putting Up with ... 


Feeling crummy

Not sleeping well

Sitting so much your bum or your back or your hip hurts

Those extra pounds that won't come off

All the fat, sugar and salt YOU KNOW is in that takeaway or purchased meal or pizza delivery

Feeling tired all the time

Late night snacking

Body aches

Not fitting in the clothes you have

Going to bed with heartburn/reflux

Not having the energy to keep up with family or friends 

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed

Feeling down and unsure or unhappy with yourself

Is it time for a Healthy Habits Makeover?

In 6 weeks we'll create YOUR healthy habits masterpiece by weeding out the habits you say must go AND adding routines and actions to give you hope, confidence, and great healthy practices for a lifetime.  No more trying to fit yourself into someone else's plan. This time, you get to explore what your version of a healthy life is - and then laugh all the way to the wellbeing bank.

The 6 Week Healthy Habits Makeover



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Your Vision

It's ok if you don't know it yet! That's the beauty and magic of our first session together. With kindness 2.

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Find your go-to strategies to relax, center, and de-stress. Learn how to build short oases of relaxation into your day.

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Find the pleasure and energy in healthy eating AND dump eating that destroys your self-confidence, joy, and health.

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Permission to play and have fun - for your brain, your confidence and your health. 

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Reboot your self-talk to get unstuck and begin some new healthy habits. Learn about the growth mindset and how it can work wonders!

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Even if you've been "allergic" to exercise, I'll help you discover the freedom and joy of connecting with your body and breaking out of sluggishness and stagnation.

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Be smart. Be kind to yourself. Protecting your sleep is vital for your health, your sense of self, and your motivation to make the healthy choice.

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The key to sustainability AND authentic action. We're going to uncover your unique heart-felt reason so you finally have the rocket fuel for change YOU need.

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What habits do you want to tame? What habits do you want to own? What challenge do you want to meet? This is your time to shine.

Are you ready to inhabit your body magnificently?

Click on the button below to book your 6 week Healthy Habits Makeover.

I'm Ready


And there's loads more to discover ...