When is the right time to say YES to yourself and hire a health coach?

For most of my clients, A LOT has to happen BEFORE they consider spending money to help themselves.

It might be that they’ve run out of energy, like an energizer bunny (remember the commercial?) that finally runs out of juice.

Or they’re feeling the sadness and lack of hope that comes from putting themselves on hold and others first ALL the time.

It could even be a health condition or diagnosis like prediabetes or high blood pressure that surprises their conscious mind, but is completely unsurprising to that unconscious self that’s been feeling neglected and ignored for many years…

Why is it that women who routinely step up for others, solving everyone else's problems and lending a hand without hesitation, are willing to spend years, even decades, in personal limbo? They want energy and vibrant health but settle for not having either... they are dying a little inside about their weight or their uncontrollable snacking or eating habits but do nothing to permanently rise above ... they're beating themselves up or putting themselves off with snide internal comments and half-truths, in effect controlling that lovely and heart-connected part of themselves in the harshest of ways:

“I’ll do this thing I REALLY want when the time is right“. (but it never is)

"I can figure this out myself. I don't need help, just more time." (but it never comes together)

“After x is over, there’ll be more time for me”. (but then something else comes along)

"I’m tough, I can wait till it's my turn”. (are the people and systems that love how giving you are really going to suddenly give you permission to do less?)

The truth is that absolutely NO ONE regrets getting the help, inspiration infusion, guidance, support, validation, encouragement, growth, self-appreciation, and joy that working with a professional health coach brings. No one.

The regret I hear over and over is, ‘why did I wait so long’?


I know, I’ve done the same things you have. Waited. And planned but not started. And started. And stopped. And put on a brave face. And tried to be funny about it. And tried to figure it out myself. And waited some more.

The bottom line, ladies, is that we need to grab our courage and allow ourselves to see our own magnificence. To give ourselves a break AND a hand.

To get ourselves a guide and companion with experience and knowledge in the change we want to make. To stop putting off what matters to us. To make this time a joy and not a punishment.

To celebrate, with everything going on in our lives, that we want to grow. That we want to do better. That we want the health and vitality to astonish ourselves, now and in the future.

Now THAT would be amazing. You’re amazing. And you deserve to stop waiting and FEEL amazing.

I'll be posting soon with some great information about some of the possibilities and joys of having a good health coach on your side. (HINT: it's all about YOU). 

So, until then, see if you can spot YOUR blind spot. Where have you been taking yourself for granted, running yourself ragged, or living in a way that has been squeezing out all the joy and fun?

What if you stopped doing that and decided to invest in yourself?

🧡 Coach Nora

P.S. Feeling like it is YOUR time? Let's chat.




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