A bright, cheery call to treat yourself like the wondrous human being you are so that you can shift from overwhelm and give yourself the experience of care, gratitude, creativity, and wellbeing in your day.

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Meet Nora

In love with the mountains, travel, her hubby, and her Siamese cat. Passionate about stopping prediabetes in its tracks and preventing diabetes. Want to know more about me? Click HERE.


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"How much great stuff is IN YOU, but not coming out in action because of your health?"



"If you want to believe with every fiber of your being that healthy change is possible for you, we should talk."

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"If you're terrified that all those years of too much work and too little play are finally catching up to your body and your health, you're not alone."


"Does it feel like you've spent a lifetime trying to tame your weight? I can help."

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"I help women recover their energy and health so they can be spontaneous, enlivened, and generous to themselves as well as others."


"Let me help you get out of food prison so you can manage your emotions and experience the day."

Want some help? Let's chat.