New Coaching Program:

Get Travel Ready and Enjoy Your New Freedom to Be in the World Again

Private healthy lifestyle coaching to re-connect to the magic and magnificence of you, up your fitness, drop some weight, and get that gut happy and ready for culinary adventures.

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Enjoy your new freedom to move about after Covid with targeted 1-1 coaching to erase the sedentary, comfort food-snacking past and feel lighter, stronger, and happy from your gut to your brain so you can enjoy all the larger world has to offer.


This 40 min clarity session will  cut through the bull*it and show you what is keeping you from getting into healthy action so you can FINALLY make things right with your body and enjoy travel and everything else our beautiful world has to offer.

Hurray! Your timing is perfect!

I'm Coach Nora, Registered Dietitian and Licensed Wellcoach with 20 years of experience in health & wellness. I'm also absolutely in love with travel & the outdoors.

You'll receive so much in terms of clarity, strategies, and support for healthy change in this call. And I'd love to hear about your next trip, dream travel destination, or outdoor adventure!

How it works: 

When you schedule below you'll be asked to complete a handful of 'getting to know you' questions. 

We chat for ~40 minutes on Zoom or other service.

We identify YOUR sticking points - what's holding you back, getting in the way, keeping you from the healthier body a part of you misses and longs for.

You'll leave with a clarity you may not have believed was possible and an upsurge of energy for taking your best healthy next step.


This session is right for you if:

  • you're worried that flagging health and energy are causing you to MISS OUT on the important things in life
  • you've gained 10+ pounds over the past stressful, sedentary year
  • you want to get out there and engage with the world again - perhaps go on a big trip - but you wonder if your body is going to let you down
  • you think that all those years of too much work and too little taking care of YOU are finally catching up to you
  • you know you're meant for more BUT you're spending your days exhausted and stressed
  • you never find the time or energy to finish things that matter to you
  • you're feeling defeated and alone when you think about your weight
  • you want to believe that a healthy lifestyle is possible for you, and it doesn't have to be a total bummer
  • you feel like you've spent a lifetime trying to tame your weight or exercise regularly
  • you've got prediabetes or high blood pressure or some other chronic disease that responds to lifestyle changes, BUT YOU CAN'T SEEM TO GET STARTED

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