2018 is Your Year to Be Healthy and Feel Your Aliveness!

New Year's resolutions tend to trod the same old paths: eat better, lose weight, exercise.

These goals, though incredibly important, carry a lot of old baggage for most. There's nothing new or exciting here to grab our brain's attention. There may be plenty of memories of failure, shame and desperation around similar attempts in the past to sour our new efforts. Our self-talk (if we were aware of it) might be peppered with criticisms and attacks on our self, our abilities, and our commitment. Yeesh, at this point, you may have arrived 30 days early at your ultimate New Year's resolution destination: nowhere different.

This year, why not try something new?  Set yourself up for success in the new year by turning your attention NOW to the root of the problem: how overwhelmed, crummy, and uninspired you feel. 

Do something about these 3 areas, and within 1-2 months the eating, weight, and exercise changes you initially wanted will be on the menu as real possibilities.

Here are...

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Got Prediabetes?

prediabetes Dec 16, 2017

80 million adults in the United States have prediabetes and don't even know it. 

Prediabetes is a milepost on the way to diabetes. The usual way prediabetes is explained is that "it's when blood sugar is too high to be considered normal, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes".  

Let me explain prediabetes a little differently:  Prediabetes happens because of excess. EXCESS calories, excess sugar, excess weight, excess sitting ...

It isn't a quick process. You aren't fine one day, and prediabetic (or diabetic) the next. Many years of excess (daily sodas? late night snacking? too many burgers or pizzas?) cause fat to accumulate in your liver and pancreas. Guess what the liver and pancreas do?  Among other things - regulate your blood sugar. Guess what keeps them from doing their jobs? Fat building up where it isn't supposed to be. Too much of a good thing is turning our internal organs into fat-filled piñatas until they can't do their...

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What's all the hype about prediabetes, anyway?

prediabetes Jun 05, 2017

Welcome to Cheat Diabetes!  You're in the right place for everything weight loss, diabetes prevention, prediabetes, healthy eating, stress management, motivation, joy, and much more! Let's get started with an infographic.


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