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Updated August 2020

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This writing outlines the intended legal relationship between between Cheat Diabetes (the “COMPANY”) and you (the “BUYER”). The writing (the “AGREEMENT”) is intended to govern and control your purchase and or acceptance of the Ebook (the "BOOK") from the COMPANY.

The COMPANY and the BUYER are the intended parties (the “PARTIES”) to this AGREEMENT.


As the BUYER, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with the COMPANY, a Colorado Sole Proprietorship,  according to the following terms and conditions, when you do any of the following:

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With this acceptance, the PARTIES agree that any individual, associate, and or assign are bound by the terms of this AGREEMENT. A facsimile, electronic, or emailed executed copy of acceptance of this AGREEMENT is legally binding with either a written or electronic signature and has the same result as an originally signed copy.  


No transfer of intellectual property

COMPANY’s copyrighted and original materials are provided to the BUYER for his or her individual use only and under a limited single-user license. 

BUYER is not authorized to use any of COMPANY’s intellectual property, trademarks and or copyrights, for any purpose. BUYER is not authorized to share, copy, distribute, or otherwise disseminate any materials received from COMPANY electronically, or otherwise without the prior written consent of the COMPANY. You are not allowed to copy-n-paste the content into your own materials, website, and or any other purpose that would be displaying the Company's content as your own.

All intellectual property, including COMPANY’s copyrighted Ebooks and course materials shall remain the sole property of the COMPANY. No license to sell or distribute COMPANY’s materials is granted or implied. 


If Client has gained access to a free product, there is no FEE due.

BUYER agrees to pay COMPANY the stated fee (the “FEE”) according to the payment terms:

  • As outlined on COMPANY’s website,
  •  Provided through email,
  • As otherwise noted in this AGREEMENT.


If Client has gained access to a FREE product, there is no refund provided.

Upon execution of this AGREEMENT,  BUYER is responsible for the full Fee. COMPANY does not provide any refund for any reason to the BUYER.

The Company provides ample and reasonable opportunity to access FREE content that is representative of all paid content and so the Company does not offer refunds on its Ebooks.


The contents of the BOOK are provided for educational, informational, and or entertainment purposes. The COMPANY is not responsible for any action or inaction that the BUYER takes as a result of reading the BOOK. Please see COMPANY'S website for any and all DISCLAIMERS (including Does NOT Provide Medical Advice) AND DISCLOSURES directly related to the COMPANY and the COMPANY'S services and or products.



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