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Nora Lynch, MS, RDN, NBC-HWC, Certified Wellcoach

(That's a lot of letters! Here's what it all means:) Master's Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Chicago, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Wellcoach.

Over 20 years experience helping folks make the health-related changes that really matter

 AND a passion for uncovering and sharing new research!

Let me save you time, frustration, and the heartache of false starts, not doing enough, or stopping too soon when you've got prediabetes.

Creative, motivational, strategic, empowering

You won't stumble upon these practice pearls and creative strategies on your own.

Want to feel like yourself again? Want to feel confident, empowered, and alive? Want to do everything in your power to stop the progression of prediabetes to diabetes? 

"It's GO time. You don't want to ignore prediabetes. You don't want to NOT do enough and have to deal with the worries, medications, expenses, and challenges of diabetes. Bottom line: you can try to guess at what will work best for you, or you can GET SOME EXPERT HELP at a time that really matters. Let me help you throw everything you've got at prediabetes!"

Nora Lynch, Founder, Cheat Diabetes
MS RDN NBC-HWC Certified Wellcoach

The 6 Week Prediabetes Roadmap™ Coaching Intensive

The Prediabetes Roadmap™ Coaching Intensive is YOUR rocket fuel for change when you have prediabetes. Watch the video to learn more.


It's GO time. Let me help you! Click to purchase The Prediabetes Roadmap™ Coaching Intensive.

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Week 1:  Your Prediabetes Landscape: Find the Seeds to Your Transformation and Best Motivators

Week 2:  Protect Yourself to Feel Good and Get Healthy: Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, ME Time, Stress and Saying NO

Week 3:  Eat to Nourish and Protect Yourself From Excess

Week 4:  Stay Connected to Your Body and Protect Yourself from Couch-Potato-Ness

Week 5:  Know Your True Finish Line and How to Get There: Protect Yourself from Thinking That Causes You to Fail

Week 6:  Master your Environment and Protect Yourself from Cues that Cause Backsliding



  • Putting off making a start with healthy changes?
  • Feeling guilty because you haven't been taking your prediabetes seriously?
  • Getting frustrated because you know what you SHOULD be doing, but can't seem to do it?
  • Confused about what prediabetes is, if it's even a big deal, and what the smart next move is?


  • Most people with prediabetes don't have symptoms, so it can be hard to take prediabetes seriously. 
  • The common definition of prediabetes doesn't really explain what's going on in your body or exactly how much trouble your're in, health-wise.
  • Our health system is light on help with preventing conditions such as diabetes - and heavy on prescribing medications once you've got them - even though research shows that lifestyle changes work.

FAQs for The Prediabetes Roadmap™ Coaching Intensive

The focus of The Prediabetes Roadmap™ Coaching Intensive is results - improving your blood sugar and many of the lifestyle aspects that impact blood sugar, motivation, and confidence to maintain the healthy changes. You'll have 6 weeks of 60 minute individual coaching sessions. In addition, you'll have access to weekly tip sheets and support materials to complement your calls and get you up to speed on key aspects of diabetes prevention.

The 6 Week Prediabetes Roadmap™ Coaching Intensive provides an experience-based, concentrated blast of information and options for change in a short period of time so you are well informed and know early on in your quest to cheat diabetes which lifestyle areas are critical and what changes may give you the biggest bang for your 'effort buck' when you have prediabetes.  I hate being kept in the dark and being asked to make decisions with only partial understanding and information and I bet you do, too!  The 6 week timetable is intended to get you critical information and experiences up front, so you can do your absolute best to stop the progression of prediabetes to diabetes.

You have 2 months to complete. Some clients choose to have 3 coaching calls per month with one week off each month.

The first step is to watch the video found on this page. The video will provide you with an initial introduction to coaching with me and how I approach prediabetes and health change.

Then, ask yourself if your prediabetes warrants 6 weeks of focus, exploration, and hard work, keeping in mind there is SO MUCH you can do to stop or slow the progression of prediabetes to diabetes.

Then, click on the button to purchase. Be sure to review "What You Get" and the Prediabetes Roadmap™ Weekly Outline of Course Content. You'll also want to look at the Coaching Agreement and Disclaimer found in the FAQs and in the footer.

Once you've purchased, I'll send you a link to my calendar to schedule your 1st session. 

NOTE: The program is intended for those with prediabetes. It is not suitable for those already diagnosed with diabetes.

You'll discuss many outcome goals with your coach as well as mile-markers to keep you motivated along the way. Ultimately, you should check with your doctor and have your A1c retested (I suggest at least 3 months AFTER you've been CONSISTENT with the healthy changes recommended to assess how effective your efforts have been). 

You'll have a 60 minute individual coaching session each week for 6 weeks. Because the program is designed to give you a quick burst of information and motivation so that you can make informed, big-picture decisions about the strategy you'll adopt on many fronts, it is recommended that you schedule the sessions weekly with the option of taking one week per month off.

Each week has one or more Roadmap™ topics we'll cover. I'll ask you to do a little pre-call work which you'll find in your online program such as answering a few key questions to get you in the right 'head space' for the call.

We'll work as a team. I know a lot about prediabetes and making healthy changes, and you know a lot about YOU, so bring your questions, personality, and self-knowledge to the calls so we can be great together!

We'll start within the framework of the Prediabetes Roadmap™ so you're aware of the critical areas and habits that hugely impact prediabetes; then, we'll completely personalize your steps and strategy. Areas of focus may include eating times, frequency, and quality; addressing snacking and late night eating; evaluating sleep and stress, finding a way forward with walking or other types of exercise; weight loss; reduction of abdominal fat; improving the quality of the gut microbiota, and more.


Your results will depend on your use of the program information and strategies as well as on genetics and your physical state at the time you begin. 

This program provides a comprehensive, intensive lifestyle focus with a great deal of 1-1 access to a master coach to help you give everything you've got to improve your blood sugar.

Some of you will make big changes in multiple lifestyle areas in the first weeks of the program; others will make smaller changes in fewer areas, or may begin but fall back into old habits. What you do with the Prediabetes Roadmap Coaching Intensive content will play a significant part in your eventual results, and for some of you there may be other factors that will impact your results as well. As always, your medical provider should be consulted anytime you are concerned about your condition or results. 

If your doctor agrees, I encourage you to plan to have your A1c re-tested after 3-6 months of consistent, significant lifestyle change.

You'll learn systems (and rules or 'protections') to keep yourself on track and to monitor yourself to prevent backsliding.

You'll have access to your online materials, workbooks, powerful question assessments etc after your program ends.

You'll have the notebook you're encouraged to bring to your calls to write down key take-aways and ahas for you during the process, so you can revisit them later.

You'll also have priority access to new programs as they become available. (Example:  a monthly live call training may be in the works.)

You'll be following The Prediabetes Roadmap™ which is the culmination of a master coach's decades of work with thousands of clients. You'll be directed to the critical areas, the most likely work-arounds for difficult situations, and offered reminders to do all this in ways that are kind and respectful of yourself. 

You'll have access to the standard recommendations for prediabetes as well as highlights of some of the most promising new research about prediabetes.

You'll be supported, encouraged, and challenged. You don't have to do this by yourself! We're all stronger together.

The Prediabetes Roadmap™ Coaching Intensive promises to provide you with scientifically-based recommendations in a wide range of lifestyle areas that have been shown to affect blood sugar levels, to personalize them to your interests and preferences, and to co-create with you clear steps and strategies to help you in your struggle with prediabetes. Your results will depend on many factors, including your willingness to make changes, how consistently you follow the recommendations, and the condition of your body at the time you begin. 

The Prediabetes Roadmap™ 1-1 Coaching Intensive will provide you with the information, tools, strategies, encouragement and more to aggressively make the health changes that are associated with stopping or slowing the progression of prediabetes to diabetes.

No one can promise or claim that any individual will have any type of  guaranteed health result including but not limited to normalized blood sugar.

If you aren't experiencing the results you want, you may want to ask yourself, your health coach, and your doctor:

1. Are you focused on the right results? Are you being realistic regarding time frames, weight goals, and more?

2. Are the changes you've made big enough? Are they consistent? 

3. Have you retested your A1c too soon? It takes, on average, about 3 months for lifestyle changes to be reflected in an A1c test. 

You may need to improve consistency, increase the number of lifestyle areas that you are focused on improving, do more in existing areas you're improving, or allow more time with the new, healthy changes to experience improved blood sugar.

IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR if you are puzzled by a lack of result or if you think there may be another health-related reason for not attaining the result you were aiming for.


Keep in mind that your health coach is not a psychotherapist. We'll focus on present and future plans and goals, not wounds and pain from the past. We MAY discuss the past insofar as we uncover motivating stories of past success or memories of what it feels like to be active, energized, and healthy OR to uncover old thinking and behavior patterns that have blocked your progress in the past.

Keep in mind your health coach is not a personal trainer. I can help you get started with enjoyable movement, walking programs and more but I will not be able to help you train for high-intensity sports such as a marathon or Tough Mudder event or plan a detailed strength training or HIIT program for you.

Keep in mind that inspiration and motivation are critical for staying the course with healthy change. We may talk spirit, soul, and purpose to better engage and motivate you, but your health coach is not a religious or spiritual advisor.


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