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What Do I Eat If I Have Prediabetes Ebook

What you eat and drink are KEY FACTORS in the development of prediabetes AND in stopping or slowing its progression to diabetes.

Whether you have a prediabetes diagnosis, want to help a family member or friend with prediabetes, or just want the skinny on how to change your eating habits NOW to prevent prediabetes, this Ebook is for you.

INCLUDED: Workbook pages to help you identify and sort through which habits and thinking patterns you're willing to shift and what next steps you're willing to take to cheat diabetes.

You'll get crystal clear about:

  • which common habits and ways of thinking have set you on this prediabetes path so you can do something about them
  • which foods to eat more of which foods to avoid, at least for a while
  • the importance of having a rule or plan to protect yourself from the 24/7 carnival of food which is our present way of life
  • additional key lifestyle areas that impact prediabetes
  • what to expect and what to do next

Maybe you've been thinking:

  • I'll worry about this later.
  • I go to the gym so it doesn't matter what I eat.
  • No big deal - they have a pill for that.
  • It runs in my family - there's nothing I can do.

If so... you need to think again.

Did you know?

Prediabetes is a massive call to action. By the time you're diagnosed with prediabetes, unhealthy changes have been going on in your body for years.  Many people with prediabetes who don't make important lifestyle changes go on to develop diabetes.  This can't wait.

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